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We pride ourselves as a specialist NICE compliant practice, with highly experienced and registered clinicians

Dr Nadine Bearman

Chartered Clinical Psychologist
BSc, DClinPsych, DipCAT, MBPS, CPsychol
HCPC Registration number: PYL25114

Dr Bearman has nearly twenty years experience of working with people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Having worked in the NHS for most of her career, she has extensive experience of assessing autism and other neurodevelopmental conditions in child and adult diagnostic teams. Dr Bearman has worked in CAMHS, Adult Mental Health Services, Acute Care, Neuropsychiatry Services and Mother and Infant Mental Health Services. Her extensive and broad range of experience ensures that she has the expertise to understand not only ASD presentations, but other comorbid conditions and complexities. Her passion is ASD and providing a comprehensive and highly specialist assessment service for her clients.

Dr Makala Balls

Consultant Clinical Psychologist
BSc, DClinPsych, DipCAT, PGCert, MBPS, CPsychol
HCPC Registration Number: PYL25965

Dr Balls has nearly twenty years experience of working with adults with complex mental health difficulties. In addition to undertaking further specialist training in autism assessment in 2014, she has extensive experience in conducting complex assessments where individuals present with comorbid conditions. She has also worked in CAMHS, Learning Disability, Palliative Care and Specialist Personality Disorder Services. Dr Balls has completed significant post-qualification training in multiple therapeutic approaches, as well as being an Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist.

Joanne Baxter

Specialist Speech & Language Therapist
HCPC Registration Number: SL33712

Jo is a highly specialist Speech and Language Therapist with extensive experience of working with children of all ages with a range of speech, language and communication difficulties in primary and secondary mainstream schools. Jo is also experienced in working with children and young people who access specialist provision both for the NHS and independently. Jo works directly for the Local Education Authorities to support children who are home schooled, in outreach projects and alternative provisions. Jo has worked in both private and NHS specialist multi-disciplinary teams assessing ASD in children, young people and adults.

Samantha Draxler

Highly Specialist Speech & Language Therapist
HCPC Registration Number: SL24180

Sam has a wide range of experience including working in mainstream and specialist schools, and developing a pre-referral Partnership Early Years Service for the NHS. Sam has extensive experience as an expert witness, and has developed and managed a multi-disciplinary team of health professionals working with commissioners and schools to develop evidence based models of service delivery. Sam specialises in working with children with ASD and has additional training in sensory-behavioural feeding difficulties. Sam is a highly specialist, highly experienced clinician providing a wealth of expertise within her work.

Philip Hodges

Practice Manager

Philip is our highly dedicated practice manager. He has twenty years experience of working in the NHS. Philip is a parent of a child with ASD and ADHD, and is passionate about ensuring our service is supportive of parents and families going through the assessment process.

Gemila Boss

Practice Administrator

Gemila has extensive experience of working both in healthcare and education. She has knowledge and understanding of neurodiversity, and the needs of families and individuals with autism spectrum conditions.